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HP Latex Printers

Latex Technology

The HP Latex range of Printers and Print & Cut solutions offers an economic answer to individuals and businesses looking to explore the Outdoor printing and Exhibition markets. Prints are instantly dry, ready to use and require no gassing off, unlike traditional solvent printing methods. This means you save time, allowing you to get on with the next job!  Prints are wipable, even with cleaning products and are suitable for a large variety of uses with outstanding durability and scratch resistance. With no need for ventilation in the print process, the Latex range of Printers can be installed anywhere, such as a garage, or even a home installation, making it a fantastic solution for start up enterprises. Being able to print all your output from just one machine is a huge benefit to our smaller customers where space is tight. The HP Latex devices produce vibrant posters with heavier ink loads on even the lightest weight uncoated papers, meaning that no job is excluded from basic posters to complex vehicle graphics. With only one heat process these machines are also very efficient to run.  Each machine comes with basic RIP software included and a full HP one year on site warranty (if installed by a registered HP trained engineer).

GDS is proud to an HP Entry Level Latex channel partner  providing advice, demos, installation and training on the latest HP Latex machines.  There are also Hire Purchase, Finance and Rental options available via HPFS.

HP Latex Range

 HP Latex Printer range

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HP Latex Applications

HP Latex Printers and Print & Cut Solutions offer a huge variety of potential applications with the ability to print on a wide range of different media, offering instantly dry and scratch proof, smell free prints allowing you to deliver your print jobs immediately the same day vastly improving workflo over the traditional solvent output.  The HP Latex prints are wipable - even with cleaning products - which is perfect for the exhibition use.  The HP Latex range offers unrivalled versatility in its class, with the following applications:

  • posters
  • exhibition displays
  • textiles
  • blinds
  • bags
  • cushions
  • lamp shades
  • t-shirts
  • feather flags
  • canvases
  • roller banners
  • pop up banners
  • wall tile overlays
  • stickers
  • wall tattoos
  • decals
  • vehicle signage
  • floor graphics
  • outdoor banners & signs
  • wallcoverings
  • window graphics
  • magnets

For those opting for the Print & Cut Solution stickers, wall tattoos and decals can be cut and kiss cut effortlessly by the HP 64 or HP 54 Cutter. 

HP Latex Applications

 Better For The Environment

HP Latex Environmental

The Inks used in the HP Latex Range of Printers are not only economic, but environmentally friendly too. They offer a smell free process, enabling you to install the Printers where ever you have space! 

Better for you, Better for your end user and Better for the Environment!

Scratch Resistance

HP Latex scratch resistant prints

Why Choose HP Latex Printers?

  • HP Latex Printers are easy to maintain, with automatic maintenance. It's as easy to maintain as a water based printer. It's convenient and time saving
  • Easy operation
  • Scratch Resistant Inks. Reduce the chance of accidental damage during finishing and installation
  • Eliminate the lamination. No need to laminate prints for short term use anymore - saving you time and money
  • High quality printing at high speed
  • Save 50% of the time. Produce finished products twice as fast
  • Prints come out dry. Cut or laminate straight away. No solvent wait time. Means same day delivery on jobs!
  • Print full bleed stickers without risk
  • HP Latex printers enable you to produce a wide variety of applications on a range of media, all from one device. Saving you money on equipment and reduced requirement for space to operate lots of equipment
  • Free online operator training


And Cut Solution?

  • Cut accuracy at speed
  • The ability to kiss cut and through cut in the same job.
  • LAN connectivity
  • Media basket
  • Unique Barcode integration
  • Add cut lines with ease using RIP editor
  • Default cutting presets

HP Latex no need for lamination

The Difference Between the 115, 315 and the 335?

  • 30% Lower cost of ownership - when printing more than 1L per month when using the 315 or 335 opposed to the 115
  • Omas included for the 315 and 335 models - no need for manual media advance calibration
  • Higher unattendance with the 315 and 335 - print longer runs with bigger ink cartridges and automated production
  • The 315 Print & Cut Solution offers higher detail cut accuracy when compared with the 115. Both the 315 and the 335 Print and Cut Solution offer a 4 pinch roller as opposed to a three pinch roller on the 115


HP Latex Print & Cut Solution - True Print and Cut

HP Latex time saving


HP Latex range - a brief overview

HP Latex - what's in the box


HP Latex - Be Unstoppable!