Canon PRO 2000, Canon PRO 4000, Canon PRO 6000 - Device Management Console

Device Management in Canons Quick Utility ToolboxCanon's Device Management Console (which is software that comes free with the Canon PRO Series) is an addition in the Canon Quick Utility Toolbox, which we highly suggest you add.

As we have mentioned before you can incrementally add features into the Quick Utility Toolbox, depending on your needs. We would highly suggest that you do add in the Device Management Console for the Canon PRO Series printers, as by the very nature of the beast, we know you are working at the top end of your game.

If you have not installed Quick Utility Toolbox yet, you can do so HERE.


So what does the Canon Device Management Console do?

The Device Management Console allows you to remotely monitor and to re-calibrate your printer, ensuring accurate colour reproduction year in year out. This is possible because of the built in densitometer in the printer.

If you own any printing device you will have experienced colour drift. Over time all printers experience some drift in colour and this will alter (although very slightly in most cases) the colour of the finished print. This can leave it looking like it has a cast to the colours reproduced and could leave it looking slightly more yellow or magenta in colour for example. If you were to compare identical prints together from different points in time, you would be able to clearly see the difference.

With the Canon PRO Series, they have ensured that you can manage the colour calibration of the printer easily with the built in densitometer and the free software provided with the printer - Quick Utility Toolbox and in this case the Device Management Console.

Setting Up Device Management Console

Setting up Printer in Canon's Device Management Tool


Installation Set Up - Part One

After installation, you will see the Device Management Console Appear in your Quick Utility Toolbox. Click on the button which now appears and is highlighted in Blue in the above image.

You will now need to add a printer. To do this click on the icon, which 'sets up the printer which is to be managed using the Device Management Tool (Arrow No. 1).



Setting up printer to be managed in Canon's Device Management Console



Installation Set Up - Part Two

Now click on the button which says 'Add Printer' (Arrow No. 1).





How to select printer in device management console



Installation Set Up - Part Three

If you don't see your printer in the printer list, if you press the 'Search' button (Arrow No. 1). 

Device Management Console will now search for any printers connected to your network and then the printer will become available in the Printer List.

Make sure your printer is awake before you start this, or you won't be able to find your printer.




 Starting Your Colour Calibration With The In-built Densitometer

Calibration screen in Canon's Device Management Console

 Colour Calibration - Part One

First we need to select the Calibration tab as shown by Arrow No. 1.

Device Management Console will automatically detect the paper already loaded as shown by Arrow No. 2. 

Finally, Arrow No. 3 highlights the Calibration Status Bar. As the requirement for Calibration increases over time the Calibration advisability status bar will increase until it finally tells you to calibrate your media.

Notice in this example the loaded media is within tolerance and does not require calibration. 

Calibrate your media with Canon Device Management Console



Colour Calibration - Part Two

To start the calibration of your selected and loaded media click on the Calibration button as highlighted by Arrow No. 1.





Calibrate your printer in Device Management Console


Colour Calibration - Part Three

Once you click the calibration button, another window will open. Here you need to click OK to start the calibration procedure.

If you click Calibration Monitor you will be taken through to another window, which will give you the status of the calibration procedure and allow you to cancel the calibration procedure if needs be.





Calibration chart in Device Management Console


Colour Calibration - Part Four

Once the calibration procedure is underway your printer will produce a sheet which will look like the image on the right. This is called a test pattern.

The printer will print this off and then scan it. According to the results from the scan using the inbuilt densitometer, the printer will be able to make adjustments accordingly and ensure that colour reproduction is accurate, by instantly setting the correct colour values.






We would recommend that you re-calibrate your media at least every six months to ensure colour accuracy time after time. The whole process will take just a few minutes and will use minimal ink and media. 

The Device Management Console in the Quick Utility Toolbox is free, it comes as standard and therefore we would suggest you make the most of the tools at your disposal to help you get perfect results every time over the life of your printer.

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