Canon PRO-Series Printhead technologyThe Canon 12 colour PRO-Series single printhead is engineered to contain 18,432 nozzles. That’s thousands more than the competitor products and so allows the Canon printers to operate at faster print speeds, whilst maintaining the ability to produce high definition prints.

Canon printheads also contain sensors that continuously monitor the ink ejection and head status, to ensure optimum efficiency and superb print results.

By shining light across the path of the ejected ink, every droplet is counted by a sensor. So, if one of the nozzles fails to eject ink it is immediately compensated for by another nozzle. No time lost, no quality compromised.

Nozzle compensation also reduces the frequency at which head cleaning is required. By reducing unnecessary head cleaning, you save valuable ink and time.

Canon imagePROGRAF – microscopic details providing huge benefits.

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