A feature on the Canon PRO-Series large format printers, is the ability to have two rolls of media simultaneously loaded into the printer. The PRO-Series printers are able to intelligently switch between the two rolls completely automatically, giving you the ultimate flexibility and potentially saving you several hours each week, which would normally be spent changing rolls of paper the old fashioned way.

Canon PRO-Series dual rollSo, just how did those clever bods at Canon manage to actually engineer these printers to achieve this?  Here’s a sneaky peek under the hood of a PRO-Series printer to show you how it works.

When paper is loaded onto the upper roll of the printer (roll 1) an internal sensor recognises its presence after only a few inches of paper have been fed into the machine, which then automatically loads the paper ready for printing. 

If you have upgraded to the time-saving dual roll option, the lower roll (roll 2) paper sensor recognises that paper is being loaded and retracts the first roll to a hold position, ready to be re-loaded or switched at any time, making swapping paper simple and painless!

Canon Pro Series dual rollHow does Canon PRO-Series dual roll work








It really is as simple as that!

With the dual roll system you are set to run two rolls of the same media, to allow for longer print runs, or you can have two different rolls loaded at the same time, allowing you to switch between the two as and when you require.