CLICK HERE for the super handy PDF, which gives all the details you might ever need to know before taking the plunge to buy your new HP DesignJet Z6 or HP DesignJet Z9+ Graphics Printer.

GOT A QUESTION ON THE HP Z6 & Z9+ RANGE?HP's Z-series is available in the following models:

  • T8W18A | HP DesignJet Z6dr 44" PostScript® Printer with V-Trimmer 
  • T8W16A | HP DesignJet Z6 44" PostScript® Printer
  • T8W15A | HP DesignJet Z6 24" PostScript® Printer
  • X9D24A - HP DesignJet Z9+dr 44-in PostScript® Printer with V-Trimmer
  • W3Z72A - HP DesignJet Z9+ 44-in PostScript® Printer
  • W3Z71A - HP DesignJet Z9+ 24-in PostScript® Printer 

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