Canon pro series set upSupplied with your new Canon PRO Series printer is a really useful set of utilities, through Canon's Quick Utility Toolbox, to support you throughout the life of the printer.

You can add each individual utility depending on your needs, which include the following.

Accounting Manager; this handy utility tracks your ink and paper usage, which reports your true running cost per print. This supports your return on investment by reporting the actual cost per print ensuring you maximise profitability.

Device Management Console; this utility communicates with the built in densitometer included in your PRO Series printer to re-calibrate colour, which eliminates colour drift over the life of the printer.

Media Configuration Tool; this utility provides you with an easy to follow wizard to create your very own media profile and includes the option to import your bespoke .icc colour profile.

To see all of the series with the features of Canon's Quick Utility Toolbox see HERE.

To download the Canon Quick Utility Toolbox and the components that make up the Toolbox click HERE.