Canon PRO 2000, Canon PRO 4000, Canon PRO 6000 - Device Management Console

Device Management in Canons Quick Utility ToolboxCanon's Media Configuration Tool (which is software that comes free with the Canon PRO Series) is an addition in the Canon Quick Utility Toolbox, which we highly suggest you add.

As we have mentioned before you can incrementally add features into the Quick Utility Toolbox, depending on your needs. We would highly suggest that you do add in the Media Configuration Tool for the Canon PRO Series printers, as by the very nature of the beast, we know you are working at the top end of your game.

If you have not installed Quick Utility Toolbox yet, you can do so HERE.

So what does the Canon Media Configuration Tool do?

We love Canon printers because you can enjoy the wide choice of medias made available to them, not only those made by Canon but from other quality manufacturers too.

Photographers use a wide range of media in which to print their images and artwork on to and they also need this to be of the highest quality that they can possibly achieve. This is not always necessarily possible when using third party papers, but using the Media Configuration Tool you can achieve optimal print settings for your third party paper.

The free Canon Media Configuration Tool allows for new Canon and Custom Media Profiles to be imported into the printer, giving users more flexibility in media choices and delivering optimum results when using your own settings.

The Media Configuration tool enables you to print with the optimal paper / media settings according to your print application and the beauty of it is, that as Canon puts out media updates and new settings become available, the tool will automatically update your printer via the internet.

Setting Up Media Configuration Tool

Selecting Printer in Canon's Media Configuration Tool


Installation Set Up

After installation, you will see the Media Configuration Tool appear in your Quick Utility Toolbox. 

Your printers may now show up in the Select Base Printer panel, as shown right. If your printer does not show up here, make sure that your printer is on and awake then click Find Printer.




Working with Media Configuration Tool

Media information screen in Media Configuration Tool


Paper Information

Once the Media Configuration Tool has found your printer it will ask you if you want to check for the latest paper information.

As we have decided to do this, we now need to click 'Check Now'.


Canon Media Configuration Tool



Acquiring paper information

The Media Configuration Tool will now gather the latest information.





Update media information in Canon's Media Configuration Tool


Update Media Information

Here you can acquire the latest information for your selected papers by connecting to the internet - as we are doing in the example shown left.

If you were to select the other option to acquire the information by specifying a file, then you would be able to import an .icc profile or an .am1 file in which to update your media profile information.

Once you have chosen the action you want to perform, select 'Next'. For the purpose of this Blog post we are concentrating on acquiring the information by connecting to the internet.


Execute update in Media Configuration Tool


Execute Update

Once we have acquired the media information, now we need to update the media information on the printer.

To execute the update we need to click on the 'Execute' button highlighted by Arrow No. 1.





Media Configuration Tool - updating


The Media Configuration Tool is now updating the media information.




Media Configuration Tool - Updated properly


Once the information is updated a Green Check will appear next to the printer which has had the media update applied. As you can see here it also tells us that the media has been updated properly.




Update drivers in Media Configuration Tool


When we have acquired the latest information on the media using the Media Configuration Tool successfully, an information box will now flash up asking us if we want to update the printer driver with this new information.

It is important to do this so your driver will have access to your new profile information. Click 'yes' to continue.

On the following screen that shows up click 'OK'.




Media Configuration Tool - Canon PRO Series PrinterNext the printer properties window will automatically load, allowing you to update the driver profile information. Simply click on 'Update Media Information', as highlighted by arrow number 1.

The Update Media Information dialogue box will show next and here you will need to click 'Execute'.

An information box will then be displayed. This will basically warn you that the update may take some time and that you should not make any media information updates to your printer whilst the media information of the driver is updating. You will now need to click 'OK'.

The Media Configuration Tool will now update the information.

It really is as simple as that!


Media Configuration Tool - updated media information

If we now go into the Printer Properties dialogue box, we can see that the media we updated earlier now shows in the Media Type dropdown box. 

This shows us that the media update was successful.



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