The Canon imagePROGRAF series of printers are finest quality printers that money can buy and can utilise a vast array of roll fed media... but what happens on the rare occasion that you need to print onto cut sheet media?

The Canon TM-Series have a conventional top-load facility for single sheet feeding, but that’s not available on the TX-Series and PRO-Series.

No problem! The TX and PRO-Series printers can accept sheets of media too, but it loads manually from the front.

Sounds like it might be a little tricky though right? Not in the slightest. Just a few simple steps and you’re ready to print. Here's how to do it on your Canon PRO-Series, but the procedure is exactly the same for the Canon TX-Series printers too.

Canon PRO-Series Paper Load

How to load your sheet media

  1. Select Cut Sheet media on the touch-screen panel and tap to load paper.
  2. Open the top cover and the release lever. Insert your Sheet media, while taking care to align it with the orange guides.
  3. Close the lever and top cover and allow the printer to prepare it for printing.


And that's it! That is how simple it is to load sheets on to your Canon PRO-Series printer.