HP Latex 115 demonstrationToday me and Kate were looking at the HP Latex Printers and the HP Latex Print & Cut solution. Image is from the showroom where we enjoyed a demonstration of the powerful capabilities of the HP Latex 115 Printer and the HP 115 Cut Solution. 

The HP Latex range of Printers are able to produce prints suitable for indoor and outdoor use, without the need for lamination. Inks are instantly dry and are scratch resistant. Another plus point to these machines is that they are odourless and therefore require no ventilation to operate. They print onto a wide variety of media and the applications they are capable of producing is almost endless! 

Needless to say we were very impressed and as such we are going to be selling the HP Latex range of machines, and initially at offer pricing until 19th March, so if you are interested in a quote for your business please email the sales office >>