HP T120 Printer How To Print A2 on A1 rollWe have just been asked by a customer how to make their A2 files print across an A1 roll, so that they don’t have to change the roll on their new HP T120……..

You may be able to save some roll paper and print your A2 files across an A1 paper roll by using the following options:

● In the Windows driver dialog: Select the Features tab and then Remove top/bottom blank areas and/or Rotate by 90 degrees or Autorotate.

● In the Mac OS X Print dialog: Select the Finishing panel, then Remove Top/Bottom Blank Areas.

Use paper economically. It is amazing how much further you can make a roll go by making the simple rotation of an image. 

This also works on the HP T520 24 inch – CQ890A and CQ890C and the HP T520 36 inch – CQ893A and CQ893C. All have the same driver.