GDS outdoor banner being fittedSo, you want to produce banners and posters for outdoor use, then you'll definitely need a solvent or latex machine right?


The aqueous inks used in the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO, TX  and TM series of large format printers are great for producing outdoor posters and banners as they’re pigment based. This gives the print a high resistance to UV light (daylight) and water.

Pictured right you can see our own outdoor signage being fixed, which was printed on the Canon PRO-2000  printer on GDS Self Adhesive Vinyl. No need to over laminate with the Canon Lucia PRO pigment inks - and we know it will look like this for months to come.

If you would like to see the media we printed our signage on you can see our GDS Self Adhesive Water Resistant Poster Paper HERE.

Canon’s inks are produced under extremely controlled conditions and great care is taken to have as little environmental impact as possible and, unlike Solvent and Eco-solvent, no harmful chemicals are present in the inks, therefore no harmful vapours are produced in the process of printing. If you need Safety Data on any of Canon’s PFI inks then please download them from the Canon website HERE.

Latex printers also use water based, odourless inks. However they require immense amounts of energy to power the heaters in order to cure the printed image, both before and after the print has been completed. For example…

Canon PRO-6000s v HP Latex


That’s right! While printing, the HP Latex 115 uses a massive 2.2Kw… 20 times more energy than used by the Canon PRO-6000S.

Canon designs products with the environment in mind and often include recycled materials in the printer and the packaging.

Canon imagePROGRAF – minimising the impact on your wallet and the planet.