Update your firmware and go panoramic with the Canon PRO-1000

We always encourage our customers to make sure that their imagePROGRAF Firmware is up-to-date.

Canon are constantly working to improve their printers and the functionality they offer, so there are many reasons to update including better ink usage and processing & quality optimisation to ensure that your PRO-1000 printer produces the best quality images available and saves you money.

It just takes a minute to update, and the latest Firmware (version 3.010) for the Canon PRO-1000 will be an absolute must-have for any owner.

Canon PRO-1000 Firmware Version 3.010 not only offers customers the ability to print their images on panoramic media, it also extends the range of custom paper sizes available, adds a No Colour Correction mode, increases the number of papers that can be registered to the printer and enhances the security features!

Find out more here https://www.canon.co.uk/pro/news/pro-1000-firmware-update/

Why not bookmark the link to the Canon Support Page for current and future Firmware, Drivers and Software.

Canon imagePROGRAF – Always evolving