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Battle of the A0 Plotters

 HP T730 v TM-300

Let's take a look at our two best selling A0 printers and why they are so popular with our customers.

Both the HP T730 and the Canon TM-300 are ideal A0 size colour printers for anyone wanting to produce good quality CAD and technical prints in house. With wireless connection and simple to use, quiet operation, these modern plotters are the perfect addition to any busy office where reliability, quick output and superb line definition is required.

Whilst the HP T730 is a great entry level CAD plotter, the Canon TM-300 has a few major benefits over the HP, those being:

  • wider choice of media with both 2 and 3 inch core capacity
  • larger diameter roll meaning less frequent loading of paper (and roll handling up to 175mt compared to 50mt on the HP)
  • pigment inks for long lasting images and superb poster work compared to dye inks on the HP which can fade over time
  • higher build quality
  • higher print quality on images
  • borderless print on heavier weight rolls
  • faster print speed
  • more memory
  • cheaper to run over time

With these additions to the usual CAD requirements, the TM-300 will broaden your horizons and offer many more print possibilities to produce your portfolios, posters, displays, banners, exhibition signs and even outdoor prints.

Looking for a printer than also scans and copies?  Then take a look at the HP T830 and the Canon L36ei TM-300


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Here is an overview of the T730 & TM-300 A0 Printers


 HP T730

 Canon TM-300

 Product Code



 Print Size

 A0 | 36”

 A0 | 36”

 Trade In






 Print Types

 Plans | Presentations

 Plans | Presentations | Posters | Banners

 Floor Stand



 Postscript Enabled



 Dual Roll



 Standard Warranty

 2 years onsite

 1 year onsite

 Extended Warranty

 3 Yr | 4 Yr | 5 Yr Options

 3 Yr | 5 Yr Options

 Max Roll Width



 Max Roll Diameter

 50mt | 11cms

 175mt | 15cms

 Core Size

 2” | 50mm

 2” & 3” | 50mm & 76mm

 Core Adaptors



 Sheet Feed

 A3 & A4 continuous

 A2 – A0 individual

 A4 – A0 individual

 Max Media Weight



 No of inks



 Ink Colours

 BK, C, M, Y

 MBK, BK, C, M, Y

 Ink Type

 Pigment BK, Dye Colours

 All Pigment

 Replacement Ink Size

 BK 69ml, 300ml

 Colours 40ml, 130ml, 300ml

 All 130ml or 300ml

 Free ink in box

 BK 69ml, Colours 40ml (189ml)

MBK 130ml + 4 x 90ml (490ml)




 Maintenance Cartridge



 Max Print Speed

 50 seconds A0

 40 seconds A0

 Print from USB Stick


 No (see TM-305)

 Processing Memory



 Hard Drive



 Windows Drivers

 To Windows 10

 To Windows 10

 Mac Drivers

 To Mac 10.4 Mojave

 To Mac 10.4 Mojave


 Wireless | USB | Ethernet

 Wireless | USB | Ethernet


Take a look at the comparisons on GDS pricing

GDS Pricing - Canon TM-300 vs HP T730
 Warranty  T730   Canon TM-300
 1 year  x   £1399.00
 2 Year  £1420.00  x 
 3 Year   £1619.00  £1598.00
 4 Year  £1795.00  x
 5 Year  £1965.00  £1798.00



GDS BEST BUY CHOICE - Canon TM-300 for its extra functionality and great pricing

To see more about the features and a detailed independent comparison evaluation of both of these printers by Buyers Lab see - HERE



Finance example on HP T730 and Canon TM-300

See the full example finance illustration HERE

Example illustration is based on a three year term and includes a three year warranty, with no deposit payment. Choose from Fair Market Value, Finance Lease or Hire Purchase. To learn more about the different finance options available see HERE.

Call GDS on 01625 613548 for more information, a full quotation or a finance illustration.


All prices shown exclude VAT. Pricing is taken from GDS website. T730 printer pricing & warranty pricing is valid to 4pm 28.2.19. Canon TM-300 printer pricing & warranty pricing is valid to 3.15pm 28.2.19. The HP T730 currently has a February Cashback offer of £150 which has already been deducted from GDS pricing - no need to claim - we claim it back later and give you one low upfront price to pay. Cashback offer expires 4pm 28.2.19. Sample HPFS Finance quotation created 6.2.19 - all figures are subject to credit rating, credit acceptance and rates at time of application. The figures created are a sample only and are indicative of rate on 6.2.19.

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