Professional Print Workflow provided to Canon PRO-Series users for FREE!

Canon Professional Print and LayoutCanon Professional Print and Layout software is a useful application that makes professional photo printing easier and is available both for Windows and Mac users.

With this software, you can edit layouts and perform colour management. Besides using this software as a stand alone application, you can also use this software as a plug-in with supported applications such as Photoshop. Let's take a closer look.

The Professional Print and Layout plugs in to Canon's Photo Editing Software- Canon Digital Photo Professional or can be activated as a plug-in from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

As it supports individual activation, this shortens the time taken to do a print run and it enhances the processing speed- improving professional print workflow.

The main screen has six areas comprised of:

  • Menu Area
  • Preview Area
  • Toolbar Area
  • Thumbnail Area
  • My Settings
  • Print Settings Area (Printer Settings, Layout and Colour Management)

The relevant functions are neatly collected in each area, so that quick and easy operation is possible. The user interface is intuitive and anyone who is used to working with Photo Editing Software will have no problem finding their way around the interface.

There are two layout modes available: Single Image and Multiple Image.

Images can be input into the interface by drag and drop operation, as well as selecting the images from the application software.

Images can be freely arranged on a roll paper preview, which allows you full control of the layout on the paper and allows you to optimise image placement on the paper to save media wastage.

There is also a function called slot size, where you can easily enlarge or reduce the image to a standard photo size in the drop down box.

The layout can be registered and the registered layout can be selected. Images can then be added to the registered layout and the number of prints specified from the thumbnail area, which streamlines print workflow.

Crop marks can be added to enable easy trimming in the post-print process.

Professional Print and Layout supports various features convenient for commercial use.

Colour adjustment can be intuitively made by using tone and curve sliders, With the Soft Proofing feature, how the colours look in the final print can be checked before you go to print, which helps to reduce misprints.

Canon proprietary technology enables seamless print workflow from input to output, producing high quality prints.



Seamless Workflow for Canon Camera Users

Photographers who use the Dual Pixel RAW (DPRAW) function of their Canon EOS 5D Mark IV or the Canon EOS R to select and sharpen focus post-capture will now be able to bring out even more detail in their prints thanks to Professional Print & Layout software. The software can read the depth map data from DPRAW files and will sharpen the printed image selectively in focus areas. The result of using Professional Print & Layout software is that prints look more three-dimensional, with visibly sharper and with clearer details in these focus areas.

How Professional Print & Layout Works

The Professional Print & Layout software plugs into Canon's photo editing software - Digital Photo Professional. The DPRAW Print function is activated with a single click. As well as the DPRAW Print function, Professional Print & Layout software makes it easier and faster to print HDR images. With one click, the software can bring out detail in highlight areas to achieve a wider dynamic range. For HDR Prints you now don't need multiple shots, you can use one shot and the software will bring back up to two stops of dynamic range in the highlight areas.Thanks to the Exhibition Lighting Optimisation function, this expanded dynamic range is evident in prints viewed under the varied lighting conditions used for galleries and exhibitions. The two functions can be used together, revealing greater information in the highlights while making in-focus areas really stand out.

Photographers who already own one of the Canon PRO-Series printers will be able to update their firmware free of charge. If you follow this link -, select imagePROGRAF PRO in the tabs, then choose your model from the list. Once you have selected your printer, click on Software in the tabs near the top of the page, select your Operating System (if it hasn't already done this for you), then scroll down to Individual Software > Professional Print and Layout. From there you will be able to download the software. New users who buy an imagePROGRAF PRO-Series printer will get the software included free with their purchase.